About Us

What is Longshotz Golf?

Longshotz Golf is a State-of-the-Art Trackman virtual golf center suitable for golfers of all experience levels. Our new location boasts nearly 8500 square feet featuring four private rooms and one performance centre. We look forward to serving you in our fully licensed food and beverage venue integrated with a contemporary lounge area that includes billiard tables, dart boards and much more to keep you entertained before or after your golf experience. 

Why Longshotz Golf?

Longshotz Golf is a family run business looking forward to welcoming new members as well as familiar faces. Here in Alberta golf enthusiasts miss out on months of outdoor golf due to adverse weather. Sure, you can plan a great golf trip to the south, or play once or twice during a sun vacation, but that is costly, and it is usually not an attempt to better your game. Here at Longshotz Golf our goal is to have you feeling confident about your game before the driving range and golf courses open. We want you to hit the greens feeling fit, confident and ready to play any course. This store is a complementing sister company to Longshotz Driving Range located in Sherwood Park. 

Longshotz Golf will feature premium golf brands and professional club fittings by Owner Robert Toshack. Featured brands include: Callaway, Mizuno, Srixon and Cobra. 

Meet the Team at Longshotz Golf:

Robert and Baylee Toshack are looking forward to welcoming you to their second home at Longshotz Golf. For 4 years now they are behind the success of Longshotz Driving Range located in Sherwood Park. Longshotz Driving Range is known among the community for opening early in the season, offering group functions, and facilitating enriching outdoor lesson opportunities for local school children of all ages. 

Robert Toshack, a long time Canadian PGA member successfully operated the Golf Den in Sherwood Park until 2015 and continues to excel in the golf industry while specializing in golf instruction, club fitting and golf operations through the Longshotz business venture. He is known best by his students and golf peers for his simple, yet enthusiastic approach which provides a fun and easy environment for all skill levels of golfers. Born and raised in Sherwood Park, Toshack is excited to expand and introduce his business and golf expertise into Edmonton NW. 

Baylee Toshack, born and raised in Alberta, is well known in the community for her background in providing superior customer service. Her employment history managing local food and beverage business’ as well as her experience with Alberta based company WestJet allow the Toshack’s to provide an enriching golf experience partnered with a well-managed platform that provides excellent customer relations. 

Stay tuned as we are working hard to prepare to welcome you to the new store located at 15117 Stony Plain Road. All current Alberta Health Services and Government mandates will be followed to ensure a safe and socially distanced grand opening.